Lorna, hailing from west coast of Ireland, spent several years working in TV production in Bristol, UK, working in a team to create natural history and wildlife documentaries for BBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and PBS.

A qualified Divemaster, Lorna decided to move to Yucatan, Mexico to realize her dream of becoming an underwater photographer. Lorna’s skills span from photography and filming through to the post production process, with a good command of Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.




Rodrigo, born in Mexico City, studied communications in Monterrey, before moving to the Yucatan region of Mexico, where he worked in many fields from photography and video production to marine mammal training 

Passionate about history and archaeology, he has researched and explored the pre hispanic world and has created an app, which is an audio guide of some of the most famous Mayan archeological sites, including Chichen Itza and Tulum. 

Rodrigo is a drone operator and also a website designer.

Drone Regulations in Mexico

Drone Laws in Mexico

In this article, we’ll delve into the drone laws in Mexico, including registration requirements, weight classifications, and guidelines for both recreational and commercial use.

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Filming in CONANP Natural reserves in Mexico

Filming in CONANP Protected Areas in Mexico

For filmmakers seeking breathtaking backdrops and rich biodiversity for their projects, filming in some of these areas offers an unparalleled opportunity. However, it requires careful planning, regulation adherence, and environmental preservation commitment.

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